Vacuum cleaner for laminate floors

Which vacuum cleaner to choose for your laminate floors?

Laminate floors are beautiful but cleaning them requires special care as they are a little more delicate than regular wooden floors. This means using the right equipment that’s designed with the uniqueness of laminate floors in mind.

Using ordinary vacuums with stiff brush bars might scratch the surface while wet-mopping is equally risky as too much water can cause the floor to warp. 

The best vacuum for laminate floors is, therefore, one that’s gentle enough not to scratch the surface and powerful at the same time to suction away every piece of debris or dirt

There are some key variables you need to consider when searching for the best vacuum for a laminate floor. Below are a few key features you should keep in mind when making a decision. 

Brushes and Attachments

When it comes to laminate floors, you want to avoid vacuums that are likely to damage your flooring. If the unit of your choice has a rotating brush roll, then ensure that it can be turned off.

Using the vacuum on a laminate floor while the brush roll is still rotating can end up leaving scratches on your floor. So it must have a brush roll shutoff capability.

The best vacuum for laminate floors often features a bare floor tool or a soft brush roll that’s specifically designed to clean surfaces like laminate floors. Some good examples are the Shark ZS362, Bissell PowerEdge and the Shark Rocket DuoClean HV382 model. 

These units come with cleaning tools and brushes that are gentle on delicate surface and they are the ideal choice for performing a thorough cleaning on a laminate floor without damaging it.

You should also look out for extra attachments or cleaning accessories that can help clean your floor more efficiently. Crevice tools, dusting brush, and upholstery tool or pet tool may be the most helpful. Buying a vacuum that offers such useful attachments is a huge plus.

Suction Power

Is it OK to vacuum laminate floors? If you are wondering, can you vacuum laminate floors? Well, yes you can vacuum a laminate floor and just like other floor surfaces, you will need a unit with sufficient suction power to clean your laminate floor.

The motor of the vacuum is the one that generates the suction power. Therefore, you want to pick a unit that has a powerful motor and the best way to know this is by checking the motor’s power rating.

The ideal motor power for a vacuum for laminate floors would be around 300 to 1000 watts. That’s enough power to deliver a strong suction that can pick up dust and various kinds and sizes of dirt and debris.

It’s important that you choose a vacuum that also offers different suction settings, especially those designed for multi-floor cleaning. This way, you can lower or raise the suction to ensure the unit gets the work done effectively. 

Bagged or Bagless

Bagged or bagless, what is the best vacuum for laminate floors?

Bagged vacuum cleaners are more traditional type but they offer great protection against the dirt and debris because they trap them more effectively compared to bagless options. However, the dustbags are not reusable, so you will have to deal with regular additional expenses. 

Many people prefer bagless vacuums because they offer a lot of simplicity since you don’t have to change any bags regularly. Between, the two, a bagless model would be a mich ideal choice for laminate floors.

However, regardless of the type, you will go for, one thing you want to ensure is that you pick one that has a fairly large capacity like 500 ml and above. That will save you from having to replace a dust bag or empty the dust cup every other time you clean the floor.


Filters are very vital when it comes to vacuuming floors especially for those suffering from respiratory diseases or allergies. They are also important to facilitate a clean and healthy environment during and after vacuuming.

With that said, it’s essential that you pick a unit that has effective filters that can trap fine dust and airborne particles to prevent them from getting back to the surrounding atmosphere.

There are numerous good quality filters but the best one is the HEPA filter system as it can catch up to 99.9% of all dust particles and other allergens.

 Most units in our list utilize foam and felt filters. These are very common in vacuums for laminate floors. They are quite effective at keeping fine dust at bay but are not as efficient as HEPA filters.

Nonetheless, to be safer side, ensure you pick a unit that has at least two filters, preferably a pre-motor filter and an exhaust filter.


Cleaning a laminate floor is not an easy and risky task if you got the right machine. The 5 units we’ve enlisted above are some of the best vacuum for cleaning laminate floors you will find in the market. 

Each is gentle enough not to scratch the delicate laminate surface while cleaning and have sufficient suction to lift all kinds of dirt and debris.

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a unit, then we would recommend factoring in your cleaning requirements as well as our laminate floor vacuum cleaner reviews above including the buying guide. This way, you will be able to make a more informed purchase decision and pick the most suitable unit.

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