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Wintertime should be full of fun, festive mood and presents, right? But, someone (eh, hem) should still do household chores. If you don’t want to do about that, I will tell you what I do. I do the speed cleaning. This way I make my house clean enough in a short period of time. The less time I spend cleaning, the more time I have for winter outdoor activities. It doesn’t whether you are expecting for your family to come, or your guests have just left, read on the following speed cleaning tips and enjoy its benefits. 

•    Have a plan. Create a logical order of cleaning and make a plan, so that you won’t forget anything and won’t have to go back to it losing your precious time. You can even write a list if necessary, but I usually do not write it down. 

•    Have a basket of necessary tools. Keep everything you need to clean your house ready to go. If you still don’t have a tote of cleaning tools, gather all your cleaning supplies and you will notice how much time you save. The more organized you are while cleaning, the more efficient and better you clean. 

•    Put a timer. Putting a time limit, helps me to stay focused and motivated. It helps me not to get stuck on one cleaning place and spend too much time on it, but hurry up!

•    Clean room by room. It may sound a little bit strange for true clean freaks, but if you are waiting for some guests to come, clean only the rooms they visit. Why to overclean?  

These were general speed cleaning tips. Except for the mentioned above ones, I have some more. For example, in order to make washing up quicker, I always soak the pots after either cooking or eating. After having a meal, I immediately clean table in order to keep it neat and tidy, in case guests arrive. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But they can save HOURS of your time if using these tips. Is there something you can add? I am sure all of you have your personal speed cleaning tips. 

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