How To Remove Cooking Oil Stains From Clothes

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While fried oily food can pose some health problems, cooking this food may pose an awful stain on your clothes. Through these stains are quite small, not bright and mostly unnoticeable, it is hard to get rid of them. In this article, I will teach you how to remove cooking oil stains from clothes and demonstrate that it is not impossible.

Removing cooking oil stains from fabric

For this purpose, take a toothbrush, dish soap, baking soda and paper towels. Take a paper towel and try to blot the left cooking oil with it (you can use a knife or a spoon for the same purpose). Cove your cooking oil stain with a baking soda (it must be a good, thick layer). After 30-60 minutes, scrub it using a toothbrush. Soda will absorb the oil, may even take its color and become yellowish. If the stain is hard and tough to remove, repeat the same procedure once more. Pour a thin layer of the dish soap on the baking soda and put your clothes into the washing machine. In order to make washing more effective, add a little bit of vinegar. Never use the dryer, if the stain has not completely gone.

Removing cooking oil stains from wool

It takes a little bit more efforts to get rid of stains from wool. Try removing the stain with cornstarch. In case it does not help, I recommend trying another method. Fill a basin with cold water, add some dish soap and mix it together. Then, put the sweater into the water so that it will completely submerge. After several minutes, let the water drip out and rinse your wool item. If the stain does not disappear, repeat these steps several times.

That is how I cope with cooking oil stains on fabric and wool. Hope you will find this article useful. Do you have anything to add? Looking forward to reading your comments!


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