How to kill mold in bathroom

If you have seen mold in your bathroom even once, you must remember what awful and disgusting sight it is. Mold may appear as a small spot and soon cover most of your bathroom. If you have noticed it, you need to get of it as quickly as possible. Luckily, I do not need any expensive products or materials to cope with this problem. Go on reading and you will get to know some tips on how to kill mold in bathroom.


It is capable of killing most of the indoor bleached and their spores. It is a perfect solution for a bathroom, as it works better on non-porous surfaces (glass, bathtubs, countertops etc.). Mind that bleach has quite toxic fumes, so you’d better use in the well-ventilated bathroom. Moreover, do not forget to put on the gloves while working with bleach. In order to kill mold in bathroom with bleach, mix bleach, water (1:10), and apply it on the surfaces of the bathroom. 


It is a well-known natural cleaning product, is a popular insecticide. I like it for being available, cheap and effective. It is sold in the form of white mineral powder, which should be mixed with water, to kill mold. Moreover, it does not have toxic fumes and emit dangerous chemicals. Create a borax-water solution (1:10) and scrub the mold with the scrubbing brush using the borax-water mix. 


It is not that acid and won’t kill the entire mold in your bathroom. Despite the fact that vinegar is not 100% effective; it is natural, mild, non-toxic and safe. I do not mix vinegar with water. Just pour it into a spray-bottle and spray it on the moldy surfaces of the bathroom. 


This one is a dangerous and toxic chemical that produces harsh fumes. I would say that it is 100% effective at killing mold. Spay clear ammonia on moldy surfaces and soon you will enjoy clean and tidy bathroom. (Never mix ammonia and bleach!)

I have also heard of killing mold with baking soda and even hydrogen peroxide. If somebody has used them for this purpose, share your experience!

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