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How to get rid of carpet stains

Carpet is a commonly used type of flooring. We find it often being used in homes, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. It’s comfortable on the feet and when cleaned, looks nice and professional. Also, carpet is for the most part slip resistant. When it comes to cleaning those nasty stains, first you need to be educated on exactly what type of carpet you are trying to clean. 

The types of carpets

There are many different types of carpets such as nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool. Nylon is labeled as the most durable carpet fiber and is perfect for homes with children and pets. It is also a great choice of material when it comes to high traffic areas such as hotel corridors. Polyester is known for its luxurious look and feel. It is an excellent choice for homes and other buildings that don’t typically have a lot of traffic. Olefin offers good stain and moisture resistance. However, it isn’t nearly as durable as nylon and polyester. Wool carpet has natural soil resistant qualities, but not entirely stain resistant. It does, however, hold up for extended amounts of time.

Stain resistance

So how do you know if a carpet is stain resistant? The primary factor in determining stain resistance is the type of fiber. It is typical for most manufacturers to apply their own stain resistant treatment before a customer buys the material. No carpet is completely stain resistant. However, treatments do help. Follow the following techniques on how to get rid of carpet stains.

The most common types of stains

What if my carpet isn’t stain resistant? Fear not, there are ways to keep a carpet that isn’t treated clean. Let’s say Kool-Aid is spilled on your gorgeous white carpet. First, gently blot the stain with a dry towel. Make sure you aren’t trying to rub the stain out, this will make the Kool-Aid more saturated, and it can begin to seep deeper into your carpet. Next, mix dawn dish soap with white vinegar and water. Pour this over the affected area and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Lastly, go back to gently blotting the area until the Kool-Aid is on the towel and not on the carpet. 

Blood stains are different animals. To remove these tough stains, you need to first wet the stain initially. Make sure that cold water is used, this will make sure that the blood does not permeate into the carpet fibers. Then make sure to mix dawn with cold water and blot the stain out. Oxiclean is always a great alternative to dawn dish soap. However, make sure not to use warm water. 

Coffee stains are very common household stains. If you don’t clean this stain properly, it can lead to a yellowish mark that becomes permanent on your carpet. This yellow mark is often confused with pet urine. To clean this stain, dry the spot first by blotting it. Make sure you do this carefully, what you don’t want to do it rub and spread the stain. Next, mix vinegar, water, and a gentle, non-bleach detergent and then spray it on the carpet that was affected by the spill. You might need to rinse and then repeat this step a couple of times.

Have you ever spilled ink on a carpet? It might be the hardest stain to get out. Cleaning this stain is very different from cleaning other stains. First, you need to dampen a white cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Dab the wet cloth on the ink stain then let it sit for a few minutes. This part is essential because by rubbing or dabbing the spot too much, ink can spread very quickly! Finally, use a liquid vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner to clean the alcohol; the ink should come out as well. It’s important to clean up this alcohol using an electric cleaning tool to make sure there are no traces of alcohol left.

Do it yourself!

DIY or “do it yourself” is becoming super popular for numbers of reasons. The ingredients can typically be found in your home for everyday use. Also, DIY techniques are less expensive than hiring a cleaning service or buying items that are specifically used for cleaning purposes. Cleaning items are generally up priced due to the high demand. However, the following techniques are within reasonable costs and can be used for many other things besides cleaning stains out of the carpet. 

Beer, yes that alcoholic drink that is super popular. Beer is the best way to remove coffee and tea stains because it literally lifts the stain right out of the carpet. Just rub it over the stain and ta-da! It’s suddenly gone. 

Vinegar is literally a superhero when it comes to tackling stains. For light carpet stains, rub a mixture of 2 tablespoons salt dissolved in 1/2 cup white vinegar. Let the solution dry, then vacuum. 

Shaving cream is another go-to if you have a little one who constantly spills juice. To start, use a wet sponge or something similar to blot the stain. Grab some shaving cream from your husband’s bathroom cabinet and apply it to the stain. Then wipe it all up with the wet sponge. Shaving cream is also a great alternative when you need to remove grease and oil stains from your carpet. 

Cornstarch is a staple in the pantry. However, it can be used to remove ink stains from your precious carpet. Mix cornstarch with milk until it is a paste. Then apply it to the stain and let it dry for a couple of hours. Clean it up with a damp cloth, and then you have yourself carpet that looks like new.

Another staple in the kitchen pantry is salt. Salt can be used to boost any homemade carpet cleaner. This is how you remove those tough red stains like wine and ketchup. Cleaning carpet can be a dreadful mess, so hopefully, all of the tips above make it a little easier. These are the best ways to clean the carpet. It’s important to keep in mind that these techniques should not be mixed together within the same time period. Carpet is durable, however, it isn’t invincible. It’s important to take care of your carpet the best way you know how. The best thing a person can do is just be careful. 

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