How to clean wood floors

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, I feel quite intimidated. One definitely needs some patience to clean this valuable investment without damaging the finish. Today I will share my personal experience of cleaning wood floors and provide you with some useful pieces of advice. 

Therefore, in order to protect and maintain your wood floors shiny and beautiful, follow these steps:

Create a daily cleaning routine.

In order to protect your floor from scratches and damage of the surface, you have to dust your floor with a mop or a cloth daily. The best solution will be to use microfiber cleaning pads, as they will not only trap dirt, but also household allergens. Of course, you can use your beloved broom, but it will only push the dirt around. 

Establish a weekly routine.

Once a week you have to deal with more advanced cleaning and reach the dust, you have not reached with daily dusting. If you need to get dirt from trouble areas out, the perfect variant is to use either a vacuum cleaner or a wet mop. Mind that you have to do the cleaning with extra caution and gentleness, as you can damage your floor with the wheels of the vacuum cleaner, for example. Moreover, you should know that wood floor and water do not mix, so avoid pouring liquid on the floor!

I would also recommend using proper tools for cleaning, because it is cheaper to buy a tool of high quality, then to change a wood floor. Remember that regular daily and weekly cleaning will keep your floor new, clean and tidy, but protective mats will also serve you well and prolong your floor’s life. 

How do you clean your wood floors? Do you have a cleaning routine? You are welcome to share your tips and pieces of advice based on the personal experience. I am looking forward to reading your messages and comments.

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