How to clean a dirty toilet

I like to postpone cleaning a dirty toilet as I consider this chore quite daunting. Despite the fact that it is an unpleasant chore, it is necessary to keep this place clean in order to avoid dirty look, bad smell and gems. Today I will share some instructions on how to clean a dirty toilet, which will save you headaches and will turn your unloved chore into a more pleasant one. Doing these tricks, you will clean a dirty toilet in 10 minutes.

1.    Wear gloves. You should have a special pair of gloves for usage only while cleaning your toilet. A toilet is a perfect place for gems and bacteria and I am sure you do not want them to be on your hands. Do not forget to keep them separately from your other gloves.

2.    Buy a toilet tool, for example, a brush, which you can buy in almost every supermarket. Make sure it has a long handle and a holder.

3.    Use toilet cleaner. Toilet cleaners are based on the special formula that is aimed at eliminating stains, rings or mineral deposits.

4.    Pour toilet cleaner on the inside of the rim of the bowl, so it will go down the sides of the bowl right into the water. Don’t forget to apply cleaner to the inside of the rim as this place is often ignored.

5.    Make a pause before proceeding to the next stage. (Follow the instructions that are the provided by the manufacturer of the cleaner).

6.  Use your toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Scrub thoroughly paying special attention to the stains, rings and mineral deposits. The better you scrub, the cleaner your toilet will be.

7.    Take the most of the cleaner. Put your brush several times into the water with cleanser to get some extra cleaning power.

8.    Finally, flush the water.

9.    Do the rest of the cleaning of the toilet including its handle. Using these instructions, you will cope with this chore quickly and efficiently. Do you have something to add? Looking forward to reading your comments!

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