Best Way To Clean House

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In case you do not have a kind and caring mother or relative, who does all the cleaning, you have only two ways out. One of them is to ask the professionals to do the cleaning. These days there is a great variety of cleaning companies that can clean the house fast and efficiently. If you don’t plan to spend money on cleaning, then your only and best way to clean house is to cope with the task and get proud of yourself. In order to make the process go faster, easier and smoother, I have decided to share my scheme of quick, but efficient cleaning. Let us start!

Step 1

Walk around the house collecting all the garbage on your way, putting the things on their places etc. Once you have finished this general task, you can do on to cleaning itself.

Step 2

I prefer starting with vacuuming. Vacuum all over the house, paying special attention to the corners, hidden areas, space under the furniture etc. Mostly, I do this part of cleaning using a handheld vacuum.

Step 3

Next, go on to dusting. Take a clean microfiber cloth and dust all the furniture in your house. You can dust either using a special dust cleaner or using just water. In case I have some extra time, I also clean mirrors at this step.

Step 4

Then I take a mop and wash the floor. In order to add a bit of pleasant and fresh smell, I add a bit of lemon floor cleaner to the water before washing.

Step 5

Do not forget to open the windows and air the rooms.

Step 6

Remember that there are also a kitchen and bathroom that should also be cleaned. At least, one should wash the dishes and clean the toilet.

That’s all! I consider this scheme of cleaning to be the best because it is easy, fast and effective. After such a cleaning, your house will look neat, tidy and fresh. Make your house sparkle on the fly, using this best way to clean the house!


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