5 Top Rated Nespresso Machines

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The Nespresso machine is used to make coffee and usually placed in homes and offices. As evident in every other machines and device, there are differences in features and attributes that make people opt for different types of Nespresso machine. In this article, I will take you through 5 top rated Nespresso coffee machines, their features and attributes and how they are made to suit you want in a Nespresso machine.

1. Nespresso Citiz

The Nespresso Citiz is the best machine for making coffee with a lot of remarkable qualities. This Nespresso can heat up in just 25 minutes and an easy to remove and clean water tank of about 34 ounces. The very amazing feature and an attribute are the ability of the Nespresso Citiz to make you Milk-oriented coffee, latte, and Cappuccino. For people not willing to buy a coffee making Nespresso, this is not just a Nespresso but a modernized machine that is good for everything you need. The Nespresso Citiz is a pure class of its own and elegant machine for coffee lovers.

2. Nespresso Pixie

This Espresso machine is the best for the price on the market. The Pixie is quite an Espresso machine designed perfectly to suit home or office coffee lovers. The design is amazing ability to take a little space and highly affordable. The water tank is 24 ounces and about 10 coffee capsules will go before emptying them. The Nespresso Pixie also comes loaded with other features like the LED water detection level and auto power off. Get portability mixed with high efficiency as value for affordable cost when you opt for Pixie.

3. Nespresso Evoluo

If you have declined on buying a Nespresso because you have a coffee-making machine at home and you just don’t want a duplicate, then the Nespresso Evoluo is really the best fit for you. The Nespresso Evoluo goes along with the Vertuo line to make you coffee or espresso. The machine automatically detects a capsule is of coffee or espresso using its barcode sensor while it can also adjust the water. The heating up time is short and the 40 ounces water tank is big enough for coffee needs. The Nespresso Evoluo is the best for enjoying taste differences of coffee and espresso.

4. Nespresso Lattissima Pro

This Nespresso machine is the most expensive on the list and it justifies that high price tag with a collection of amazing and exciting features. The top-rated Nespresso machine has such features is the digital touchscreen display for easy navigation and programming. This one machine made for complete comfort and innovation. You can adjust your serving size for Nespresso and even save up to seven of your favorite sizes. It also comes with an integrated milk steaming technology and an automatically regulated cleaning system to reduce worry about maintenance. The milk froth has an adjustable regulator that ensures your preferred taste. The Lattissima Pro is a perfect machine for effectiveness through innovations. 

5. Nespresso Prodigio + Milk

The Nespresso Prodigio is the only Nespresso that qualifies as a smart Nespresso because of the incorporated effective and mind-blowing technology you get to enjoy using it. The biggest thing about this Nespresso is that it can be connected to your smartphone. The Prodigio is also very effective in making you the perfect Cappuccinos, lattesand macchiatos withjust the press of a button. The time to heat up is just 25 seconds and with lots of features like a rotating water tank to rearrange it into fitting well, automatic release and ejecting of capsules after use and a three sized set of espresso are available for brewing. With all these about the Prodigio, it is the very best Nespresso for anyone.


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